Automated Debris Management System

automated debris management system

An automated debris management system (ADMS) is a technology solution that eliminates the need for traditional paper-based documentation during the debris removal process following a disaster incident. 


Thompson Consulting Services’ ADMS solution, the Thompson Data Management Suite (TDMS) is a collection of hardware, software and communications infrastructure for the management of data and documents related to disaster recovery. TDMS is comprised of mobile devices to document field operations; web database; geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping applications; and our web-based client and stakeholder portal which serves as an information center for managing project related data and documents. 

  • TDMSmobile: Thompson’s ADMS hardware solution that provides clients the option to manage and monitor debris recovery missions electronically. TDMSmobile can be utilized for a variety of programs and operations including truck certification, right-of-way (ROW) collection, tree work (leaners/hangers/stumps), private property debris removal (PPDR), demolitions, haul out/disposal, and monitor management. TDMSmobile has a disconnected architecture and is fully operational in a post storm environment where cellular networks are destroyed or compromised.
  • TDMSweb: Thompson’s web based application that serves as the backbone of the TDMS for storage and data management. TDMSweb provides access to viewing, querying, sorting, reporting, mapping and managing project related data and documents including electronic tickets, contractor invoices, text message updates, reports, and FEMA data and image exports.
  • TDMSmapsThompson’s web based GIS application that integrates geospatial and relational data to enhance management and public information capabilities. Clients will have full access to live maps, progress maps and query maps which will allow the project stakeholders to evaluate progress, assign or re-assign crews, and make general debris management decisions.
  • TDMSportal: Thompson’s web based portal that serves as the client and contractor information center for project costs, electronic tickets, accounting transactions and invoices. TDMSportal provides access to viewing, querying, sorting, reporting, mapping and managing project related data and documents.

Through the implementation of these technologies, TDMS limits the propensity for human error, fraud, data entry error, and reconciliation challenges resulting in efficiencies, increased accuracy and cost savings. 

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TDMS meets U.S. army corps of engineers specifications

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has provided ADMS specifications as part of its Advanced Contracting Initiative (ACI) for disaster response. These specifications, which are satisfied by TDMS, have established a baseline for performance and requirements that serve as a standard for ADMS industry-wide.

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