QCI Stormwater Initial Training Now Available Online

QCI Stormwater Initial Training Now Available Online

POSTED ON 5/5/20

Because of the temporary restrictions on in-person classroom training due to COVID-19, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has authorized Thompson Engineering to offer an online version of our Qualified Credentialed Inspector (QCI) initial training class. This class is available for people who need the QCI certification now to conduct their routine business or to meet environmental compliance standards. This on-demand training opportunity is available to first-time students and to QCIs who have let their certifications expire.


The course is a series of nine modules. There is no deadline or time limit for completing the training. Ninety-eight percent of the students who have taken this course would recommend it to others.  Key comments include:


  • “I have taken this in several states and this has been the best form of testing so far.”
  • “This was a great option and was well done.”
  • “This course was great.  I enjoyed being able to complete it from the comfort of my office at my own schedule.”


QCI initial training covers the regulatory requirements that are included in the ADEM General Permit ALR100000 for construction activities in the State of Alabama, as well as information about stormwater regulations for small mining pits.


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